About me

  • I am a PhD candidate in the Department of Statistics at University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign. My advisor is Prof. Xiaohui Chen.
  • I received my M.A. degree in statistics from Columbia University. I have also worked there as a Reasearch Associate. My advisors were Prof. Bodhisattva Sen, Prof. Arian Maleki, and Dr. Margaret Holen.
  • My primary research interests are optimal transport and its application in machine learning and statistics.

Recent Works

  • From GAN to Wasserstein GAN: a presentation that covers the basics of the (Wasserstein) generative adversarial network (GAN).
  • testOTM is an R package that computes multivariate ranks and quantiles defined through the theory of optimal transportation … [Read More]

An interactive optimal transport map between $U[0,1]^3$ and a (scaled) trivariate Gaussian sample of size $10$ (blue points). The cube (representing the support of $U[0,1]^3$) is partitioned into $10$ convex polyhedra, where every point within each polyhedron is transported to the corresponding sample point. The orange points are the centroids of the polyhedra and indicate the correspondence between sample points and the partitions.